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    Religion, Law and Covid-19 in Europe: A Comparative Analysis

    Brian Conway, Lene K├╝hle, Gabriel Birsan and Francesco Alicino (eds.)

    Religion, Law and Covid-19 in Europe seeks to describe and explain how the pandemic and the subsequent legal restrictions on collective activities influenced religious life, the exercise of religious freedom as well as religion-state relations in Europe. The volume shows the importance of social contexts and legal rules in understanding the impact of critical events on religion and society in the modern world.




    An Investigation of Hate Speech in Italian: Use, Identification, and Perception

    Silvio Cruschina and Chiara Gianollo (eds.)

    An Investigation of Hate Speech in Italian contributes to the investigation of hate speech by adopting the methodological and theoretical tools of linguistics. The aim of the book is to identify the common linguistic characteristics and features of hate speech in different domains of communication and to establish a set of criteria that can help distinguish between hate speech and freedom of expression. The chapters of this volume all focus on Italian, but the analyses, methodologies, and findings of the individual chapters can easily be extended to other languages for comparative and contrastive purposes.




    Shaping the Future of Higher Education: Positive and Sustainable Frameworks for Navigating Constant Change

    Lesley Wood and Ortrun Zuber-Skerritt (eds.)

    Shaping the Future of Higher Education presents a selection of ideas from internationally renowned researchers in higher education about how to move from coping with to actioning change. Through the framework of participatory action research and learning, the volume aims to enable researchers, teachers and leadership to learn how to positively embrace constant change in higher education through innovative, collaborative, systemic, critical and creative thinking and action.




    Global Migration and Illiberalism in Russia, Eurasia and Eastern Europe

    Anna-Liisa Heusala, Kaarina Aitamurto and Sherzod Eraliev (eds.)

    Global Migration and Illiberalism in Russia, Eurasia and Eastern Europe addresses the interplay of global migration and illiberal politics. The volume aims to provide an understanding of how illiberal societies manage migration to absorb resistance and how migration may impact political, economic and cultural change in these societies. The book brings together theoretical and methodological approaches from a variety of fields, such as political science, history, legal studies, and media studies.