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    Upcoming releases 2021

    Homicide in Deep Time: Nordic Homicide from Early Modern to Present Era

    By Janne Kivivuori, Mona Rautelin, Jeppe Büchert Netterstrøm, Dag Lindström, Guðbjörg S. Bergsdóttir, Jónas Orri Jónasson, Martti Lehti, Sven Granath, Mikkel Okholm, and Petri Karonen

    Nordic Homicide in Deep Time draws a unique and detailed picture of developments in human interpersonal violence and presents new findings on rates, patterns and long-term changes of lethal violence in the Nordic. Conducted by an interdisciplinary team of criminologists and historians, the book analyses homicide and lethal violence in northern Europe in two eras – the 17th century and early 21st century. The book is also a methodological experiment that seeks to assess the feasibility of long-duration standardized homicide analysis and to better understand the logic of long-duration homicide variation across space and over time.

    Nuancing Young Masculinities: Helsinki Boys’ Intersectional Relationships in New Times

    By Marja Peltola and Ann Phoenix

    Departing from earlier ideas that either blame masculinity for problems in education, relationships, and behaviour or argue that masculinity has become more ‘inclusive’ and softer, Nuancing Young Masculinities tells a more complex story. It grounds its main argument in an interview study of Finnish young people (mostly boys) and draws on their narratives to identify the representations of masculinities on which young people agree and disagree. The theoretical insights are wide-ranging, illuminating both the plurality of masculinities, their dynamism and intersections with other social identities.