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  • Blackfeet Discourses about Dwelling-in-Place: Our Homeland, a National Park

    Donal Carbaugh, Eean Grimshaw

    Chapter from the book: Andersson, R et al. 2021. Bridging Cultural Concepts of Nature: Indigenous People and Protected Spaces of Nature.

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    This chapter presents to readers the spoken words of Blackfeet people who have discussed their homeland, its landscape, and all that it entails. In the process, the chapter seeks to help readers hear in those words in a Blackfeet way of speaking about their land, to introduce some of the cultural meanings of Blackfeet in that way of speaking about it, and to offer an understanding of this way as a communal touchstone which is anchored in the discourse Blackfeet participants produce as they speak about their homeland.

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    Carbaugh D. & Grimshaw E. 2021. Blackfeet Discourses about Dwelling-in-Place: Our Homeland, a National Park. In: Andersson, R et al (eds.), Bridging Cultural Concepts of Nature. Helsinki: Helsinki University Press. DOI: https://doi.org/10.33134/AHEAD-1-7

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    Published on Dec. 16, 2021


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