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Helsinki University Press | Open Access publishing


Helsinki University Press, HUP for short, is a scholarly Open Access publisher in the process of being established. All of its publications will be freely available online. We offer the academic community a publication channel through which to disseminate research results effectively, fairly and to the right audience. HUP’s digital publications will be free to download in pdf or HTML format, and can be bought as e-books or in print for a fee. The first publications will appear in 2018, and we are currently looking for authors, manuscripts and journals.

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Helsinki University Press | Open Access publishing


HUP publishes academic, peer-reviewed monographs, edited volumes and journals from all fields. The main emphasis is on English-language publications, but we do not rule out other languages either. Manuscripts are selected for publication according to purely scientific criteria.


All publications of HUP undergo a rigorous peer review process before the publication decision is made. All journals and books are sent for external peer review to at least two experts selected by HUP.

The HUP review process is double-blind. Each referee receives an anonymous manuscript for review, and the identity of the referees is not revealed to the author(s). Exceptions may be made by mutual prior agreement. For journals, HUP also provides option of open peer review – if required, at the discretion of the editorial team.

The duty of the referee is to provide a statement on the manuscript’s suitability for publication by choosing from the following options: (1) the manuscript can be published as it is; (2) the manuscript can be published if certain proposed changes are made; (3) the referee cannot recommend publication of the manuscript. HUP forwards the referee statements to the author(s) of the manuscript. At this point, recommendations for changes to the manuscript are usually made.


Helsinki University Press | Open Access publishing


Open Access to research is beneficial for everyone. When the outcomes of publicly funded research are freely available, they can be an asset to other researchers, scientific institutions, decision-makers and civic organisations, regardless of their financial standing. This creates better starting points for research all around the world, and increases opportunities for finding solutions to global problems.

For researchers, Open Access publishing is a chance to reach a broader audience and to enhance the impact and citation index status of their work.

HUP wants to help the academic community to disseminate research results effectively and professionally. This benefits not only the researchers themselves, but also the rest of society.



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Leena Kaakinen

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Aino Rajala

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Information Specialist
Marjo Kuusela

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Contact us if you know of a researcher or manuscript that is looking for an Open Access academic publisher, or to discuss open access publishing in general.


HUP is owned by the University of Helsinki, and the management of the publisher’s operations is shared between the Helsinki University Library and Gaudeamus, a publishing house for non-fiction literature in Finnish.