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    About Helsinki University Press

    Helsinki University Press (HUP) is a new and expanding open access University Press, launched in 2020. The Press publishes high-quality scholarly literature, particularly in the humanities and social sciences, and follows a rigorous peer review process. All HUP’s publications – including its books and journals – are freely available online via the Press’ website and other platforms. Our aim is to reach as global an audience as possible including readers in the Global South where high paywalls can be a major challenge. We believe the absence of paywalls increases the societal impact of research by allowing readers outside of academic institutions also to access scholarship.

    HUP aspires not only to expand audiences. We also aim for internationally excellent quality. The Press offers researchers support and services to make sure that publishing their work in Open Access is smooth, professional, and of high quality. Our services include copyediting by native speakers, indexing by professional indexers, and an experienced HUP contact person to guide you through the whole publication process. For more information on our services, see here.

    HUP is open to all scholars, and we welcome submissions from academics globally. HUP publishes high-quality literature across a wide range of academic fields and disciplines. We are open to all methodological and epistemological approaches. All publishing decisions are made by the HUP Academic Board, and the decisions are based on the quality of the scholarship. See more on how to publish with us here.

    HUP’s vision and mission


    HUP aims to be an internationally-known open access publisher of high-quality monographs, multidisciplinary edited volumes, and journals.


    Annual Reports

    Our 2020 annual report is available for viewing: Helsinki University Press Annual Report 2020

    Pro et Contra. Books from the Finnish Political Science Association

    Editor-in-Chief: Taru Haapala, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
    Managing editor: Anna Kronlund, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

    Editorial Advisory Board (2019–21)

    Niilo Kauppi, Professor at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) / University of Strasbourg, France
    Tuija Parvikko, Senior Researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland
    Fritz Sager, Professor at the University of Bern, Switzerland
    Maija Setälä, Professor the University of Turku, Finland
    Elena García Guitián, Associate Professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
    Petri Koikkalainen, Senior Researcher the University of Lapland, Finland

    AHEAD: Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

    Series Editor: Dr. Doc. Hanne Appelqvist, Deputy Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

    Editorial Board

    Prof. Tuomas Forsberg (International Relations), Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
    Dr. Doc. Hanne Appelqvist (Philosophy, Aesthetics), Deputy Director of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
    Dr. Kaisa Kaakinen (Literary Studies, Memory Studies), Research Coordinator of the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
    Prof. Karen Knop (Law), University of Toronto
    Prof. Christine Daigle (Philosophy, Posthumanism), Brock University
    Dr. Xin Liu (Feminist Theory, Science and Technology Studies), University of Helsinki
    Dr. Doc. Tuukka Kaidesoja (Sociology, Philosophy), University of Helsinki
    Dr. Kateryna Savelieva (Psychology), University of Helsinki